To provide professional sale and marketing services to ensure that the Client will reap maximum profit from their investment.


2.1 Pre-Sale Launch

  1. To conduct an extensive market research on the current related property market scenario and demand and formulate an effective marketing strategy and ensure smooth implementation.
  2. To conduct an awareness campaign with focus in enhancing the reputation of the Client and development. All marketing efforts will be directed to ensure that the project will be the talk of the town and be a model development for others to emulate.
  3. To advise the Client, based on the market study, the marketing and pricing strategy of product.
  4. To propose and recommend the marketing budget required for the entire development.
  5. To recommend appointment of professional teams such as Solicitors, Advertisers, end-financier, etc.
  6. To ensure all authorities’ requirement are adhered to prior to sale launch.

2.2 Sale Launch

  1. To extend invitations to all VIP’s and concerned parties, organize event marketing, Newspaper advertisement, leaflet distribution, road shows etc.
  2. To exercise high professionalism in home buyer management and conclusion of sales.
  3. To ensure all home buyer’s needs are attended to in the best possible way.

2.3 Post-Sale Launch

  1. Maintain good rapport and relationship with the home buyers and other related parties.
  2. To follow up on all related legal matters with the appointed solicitors.
  3. To liaise with end-financiers for disbursements.
  4. To follow up on monies collection from purchasers.
  5. To manage monies received diligently.
  6. To organize periodical promotions to sell unsold units, if necessary.
  7. To organize gatherings for all purchasers targeting at providing updates on the progress of works as well as maintaining lasting relationship and rapport hence beef up the Client’s reputation.
  8. Ensure smooth handing over of vacant possession to the purchasers and attend to their needs on rectification of defects, if any.

2.4 Credit Control

What is Credit Control? It is a system/set of procedures to strengthen the Credit Control Department to protect the cashflow position of a company, the main objectives are as follow:-
  1. To check the credit worthiness of purchasers before a sale is made;
  2. To ensure prompt collection of receivable from purchasers and /or their financiers within a stipulated grace period;
  3. Close monitoring and follow-up of outstanding accounts e.g.; through letters, reminders, monthly statements and interest invoices and tele-conversation;
  4. To ensure credit / loan documentation be completed earliest possible by monitoring the flow of the documentation closely with the relevant parties e.g.; financiers and solicitors.
  5. Pre-qualifications of financiers and solicitors.


  1. Monthly progress report on sale status and other related matters will be forwarded to the Client at the end of every month.
  2. Monthly sale and marketing meeting will be held at an appropriate time.