Knox was established in 1997 primarily to offer services in marketing and project management of commercial and residential properties.

Our market-centric business philosophy makes us a leading strategist in developing solutions for clients. We have earned the trust and confidence of property developers through results-oriented performance.

Every client receives tailor-made services, according to specific needs and priorities. Knox is renowned for our comprehensive attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned. Our team thrives on dedication and competence, always going for the extra mile.

Knox has an enviable reputation for establishing formidable partnership relationships with clients. We work seamlessly with all property developers to project their corporate image in a compelling manner to target audiences. This is accomplished by creating a unique selling proposition for each property, thus enticing prospective property buyers to capitalise on estimated value appreciation.

We understand the market sentiments and address these through rational and emotional appeals. We blend our approach with demographic and psychographic analysis of our segmented target groups. Clients profit from our complex system of marketing strategies, subtly engaging innovation and competitive advantage.

We owe our success to both experience and expertise. Our team’s collective exposure to property sales, marketing and management has spearheaded Knox to command exemplary marketplace dominance. Our brand of quality services and professionalism are two important factors for our success with long-term clients. Property developers evolve into loyal clients due to our inimitable marketing solutions.

What differentiates Knox is our cutting-edge technology. Our team of professionals has formulated an intricate networking and strategic alliance partnerships with the best in the industry. This helps us serve communities more thoroughly with efficiency. Knox is capable of rolling out both national and regional programmes for clients through our proven experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

We excel in the sales, marketing, development, management and consultancy of all types of properties. Our competence and specialised expertise have demonstrated why we stand out in delivering the bottom line, as well as implementing capital appreciation-oriented real estate strategies.